There's No Reason to Stress Out About Root Canals

If you need a root canal, come to our offices near Gorham and North Conway, NH

Root canals get a bad reputation, but it's undeserved. In reality, root canals can often be completed with minimal discomfort. You could even go back to work the same day. North Country Dental wants to ease our patients' minds about root canals. When you choose us for your root canal procedure, we'll make sure you know exactly what to expect so that you walk into our office feeling calm on the day of your appointment.

We have offices in Gorham and North Conway, NH. If you need a root canal, make an appointment with us today.

What are root canals?

Root canals are a type of endodontic therapy that is often recommended if the tooth pulp and nerves become infected or damaged. They can be used to save teeth that might otherwise need to be removed. A root canal can often be completed in just one or two visits to our office.

Save your smile with a root canal. To learn more about root canals, contact us today. We're happy to answer any of your questions.